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Patio Enclosures

Mike Fournier ’s Sonrise Construction of Tulsa believes customers deserve only the finest in quality and workmanship to be used for their patio enclosures. This is why we only use the most skilled masons that have many decades of experience with construction of brick or stone for their patio enclosure.

Patio enclosures are routinely constructed with mortared brick or mortared stone; but sometimes a nice patio enclosure is constructed with mortared cinder blocks and then faced with stucco. Plus, we have also built many patio enclosures with stained cedar fencing.

Every patio enclosure project is a custom, as some include walls with Pergola’s, or with Pavilions, or with Outdoor Living Areas, and some are for privacy walls around Gunite swimming pools.

There are many things that you can do with your patio enclosure. We can integrate any number of types of brick or stone into them, or you can predominately select just one. If you have traveled along the south part of Riverside Drive by Wind River, you will see the “36th Street” blend or mortared stone, which is a super popular and beautiful mosaic of various stones.

Your patio enclosure (whether it is brick or stone or stucco) can be topped by slabs of mortared flagstone, and some customers have even enjoyed having “used brick” blended into certain areas, or have hide and seek gaps left for partial viewing. Another popular option with patio enclosures is to have low voltage LED lighting in the color light of your choice installed on the top or corners of the enclosure.

Are you ready for Sonrise Construction to build you a patio enclosure project? Or, do you want to talk about it some more? If yes, click on the Contact Us link, complete the brief questionnaire and we will be in touch with you within one (1) business day to arrange for your complimentary quote! Thank you for your time and consideration!