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Most sprinkler system quotes can be completed in 15 minutes or less. We take detailed measurements using Google Earth and verify with Zillow, and/or Trulia. Once you send us your contact information, we will reply within one (1) business day, but usually much quicker, and we will send your quote in a separate e-mail to await your delivery confirmation. We will be glad to set up a time to meet to explain the installation procedure.


Thank you for your consideration of hiring us to install a lawn sprinkler system for your home. We know there are other companies in the Tulsa area to chose from; but since we are a single company out of literally 100's in Tulsa, the one distinct difference to set us apart, and that we are proud of, is that we are Certified as a Rainbird 'Select' Contractor, (making is one of just a few among 1,000's of companies in this region of the country), therefore, we think we are one of the very best.

We know of no other contractor in Tulsa that has the credentials to be Certified by Rainbird as a Select Contractor.

We strive daily to stand out amongst our competition with our information, service, performance, credentials, and 1,000's of testimonials to back up what we say. It is all part of our quest to achieve being hired by you.

Being unfamiliar with your level of knowledge on the subject of lawn sprinkler systems, please allow us a few minutes to explain more about them as we only recommend automatic timer lawn sprinkler systems.

Custom designed and professionally installed underground lawn sprinkler systems are your answer to watering problems. By watering at the most economical time, automatic systems insure the proper amounts of water are applied to your lawn and landscaping on a regular basis.

In our professional opinion, Rainbird and Hunter are the two best manufacturers of lawn sprinkler systems today. We will not knock any other type of name brand system, but we have found these two brand names to have great products to work with. Other manufacturer's would refute that of course, but this is still our professional opinion.

We have established our name as being associated with the highest quality, and that is why we only use the best products. If you are looking only for lowest price, you will not get that with a *true Rainbird or Hunter system. *There are a few low-level installation companies in the Tulsa area that only use a Rainbird or Hunter timer, and then call the full system by that name, even though they will be using generic parts for the remainder of the system.

Over the past few years, we have repeatedly received one question: "why can't you install our system for $2,500 like that one company in town can?" Well, the answer is quite simple; it costs money to give great service, and it costs even more money to install a high quality system.

We know from market research that there are quite a few of our competitor's whose pricing is way more than our systems, and a few companies that are priced less than ours. With low pricing, you truly get what you pay for.

And for that one company in particular that calls their $2,500 sprinkler system a system, even if it means one line down the front and one line down the back, and blending zones, and not giving a hoot about full coverage, brown spots, let alone not getting a permit or an inspection for a back-flow, as they won't install a back-flow for you ~ leaving you liable for fines from the city if they ever get caught . . ., well, if you hire them, then buyer beware.

We do not try to 'guesstimate' how many specific parts will be used for your system. Conditions beyond our control such as location of the water meter, total water pressure, rocks, roots, playground equipment, cable lines, phone lines, pools, flowerbed edging, or sidewalks; all can cause alterations to the original quantity list after the trenching phase has begun.

Instead, your system will be engineered for up to 120% coverage, to allow for a net 100% to 110% effectiveness as up to 20% of coverage can be lost due to wind, evaporation, and runoff. Additionally, these are some specific items to consider:

1) We use flexible 'funny pipe' attached to PVC on each pop-up valve and lawn rotor head to minimize the chances of PVC pipe or head breakage if stepped on, driven on, or ridden over.

2) Depending on city codes, we will either use schedule 40 pipe, or soldered copper pipe for the PVB or RP back-flow preventor, and we will place an insulated bag over the back-flow preventor for aesthetics. For even greater winter protection, we offer 'optional pricing' to install electrical heat cable on all above ground PVB or RP back-flow units. But, we still recommend winterizing your unit before the first freeze because freeze damage can and still does occur, and is not a covered warranty expense. Additionally, we will use matching unions on each pipe so that you can easily unscrew and store the PVB or RP unit inside during the hard freeze months; and, we will install a separate T ball valve from your main water line. A licensed plumber will be used for the required permits and PVB or RP installation. This is important to protect you from fines.

3) We will smooth grade and power tamper the trenched areas for the quick grass re-growth, or for new sod (new sod is priced separately).

4) We will add automatic USA King drain valves in each section of pipe.

5) We provide 'optional pricing' for wired or wireless freeze sensor's and rain sensor's to prevent systems from activating if it has recently rained enough to trigger the gauge.

6) We will use a zoned programmable timer, installed in your garage with individually programmable zones, days, times, and frequency. (Outdoor timers are available too, but at a modest pricing up-charge).

7) Your sprinkler system will have a minimum warranty of *one-year parts and labor. (This warranty is void for freezing, power surges, lightning strikes, and tampering). *The timer carries a three-year warranty.

8) We will use the highest quality and most durable pipe (schedule 40 PVC) for all of your main water lines, and class 200 PVC pipe for all the secondary lines.

9) For your in-ground wiring, we will use weatherproof thick-jacketed insulated wiring, which is not susceptible to premature decomposition.

10) We will use medium or large centrally located valve boxes that will not disappear under Bermuda. This makes them much easier to find and repair if one ever malfunctions.


How can you use water responsibly and also maintain a beautiful, healthy yard, garden, and landscape? These practical tips will help you efficiently accomplish both, leaving you more time to enjoy your lawn, garden, and landscape.

Water wisely. The efficient way to water is a few times for shorter periods of time. This allows water sufficient time to soak in. This is especially true with heavy clay soil. However, during summer or any time periods of excessive heat (above 100 degrees); grass should be watered every day, and normal watering times can easily be doubled. So, if you normally water Bermuda for 15 minutes, double it to 30. If you normally water Fescue for 30 minutes, double it to an hour. If the grass still turns brown, increase the water frequency, and the watering length. And, Fescue might have to be watered twice daily, sometimes 3x a day.

Water on time. The best time to water is in the morning between 5a and 10a. If you water during the day, water will be wasted due to winds and evaporation; and if you water late at night, the grass can remain wet which will allow fungus to grow.

Water by zones. Your lawn and landscape should be divided into separate zones. This way the grass can be watered separately and more frequently than your ground-cover plants, trees, and shrubs.

Water at the roots. Low volume drip lines and bubbler hoses are recommended when watering individual trees, flowerbeds, potted containers, and other non-grass areas. Especially if your landscape is mature, overgrown, or large in size. This efficient method reduces water waste due to evaporation or runoff.

Water what grows. While some over-spray is completely natural and to be expected, be sure that all of your spray-heads are adjusted properly to avoid the wasteful watering of sidewalks, driveways, and fences.

Make inspections. Routinely check your spray-heads to make sure everything is working properly. A clogged spray-head or a broken line does not benefit your lawn, your landscape, or your water bill.

Be flexible. Adjust your lawn sprinkler system timer as the weather and seasons change. Be sure to have a Rain sensor gauge installed with your system, which allows you to take advantage of the water that nature provides without having to pay for it.


An efficient, well organized contractor will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

* We will present you with a formal written quote. The quote will be thorough and detail the various products used and the total price of the installation.

*Along with the quote, if meeting in person, we will clearly explain all of the specifics of the system to you, and answer any questions that you have.

When the installation is completed, we will leave your lawn and landscape free of trash and debris, and present you with instructions on how to operate your new automatic lawn sprinkler system.


A professionally installed automatic lawn sprinkler system is the smart way to beautify your lawn and landscape, and one that will make your life easier. To make the most of your investment, you will want to make sure it is designed and installed properly, with the diverse needs of your lawn and landscape in mind.


What types of products will be used and why? We are able to explain each of the components and why they are the best for your lawn and landscape.

Is after the sale service provided? We will be able to provide after the sale service. Examples of such service include warranty repairs, spring and summer tune-ups (not related to warranty), and/or lawn sprinkler system winterization.

Is there a warranty? All of the work performed will be guaranteed. Warranty lengths will vary for the various components. A one year parts and labor for applicable warranty items is the minimum warranty.

Are customer testimonials available? Our website is full of them. Satisfied customers are the best way to gauge the experience that you will likely receive if you hire us. Also, check with the HBA (Home Builders Association) and Rainbird to verify our credentials.


When choosing a contractor, you should be wary of those who offer to charge significantly less than the other contractors. Low bid contractors are frequently not licensed, not certified, not insured, and employ illegal workers not subject to income or FICA taxes. These are all items that you should investigate before hiring someone other than us.

Plus, the low bid contractor will generally always use cost cutting methods for materials and labor that can jeopardize your lawn, and shorten the life of your automatic lawn sprinkler system.


✴ Omitting a back-flow preventor or in-ground double-check valves, as every jurisdiction in and around the Tulsa metro area requires one of the two types of devices; as they are designed to protect your home drinking water supply.

✴ Spacing spray-heads too far apart. This makes it impossible for certain areas to receive enough water, which causes brown spots in your lawn.

✴ Mixing spray-heads with different application rates on the same line. This causes one area to be over-watered in order to sufficiently water another area.

✴ Not using special watertight connectors and protective valve boxes to safeguard the electrical elements.

✴ Not securing city permits and inspections.

✴ Not including a weather proof bag or box over the back-flow device.


Above all, you should chose a contractor you feel you can trust, a contractor who installs professional series products, such as Rainbird or Hunter components; which are the world's leading manufacturers of lawn sprinkler system equipment. For more than 70 years, professional lawn sprinkler system contractors have used Rainbird or Hunter products to provide the industry's most water efficient, durable, and diverse sprinkler system components; so that homeowners like you can have a beautiful lawn and landscape, and have the time to enjoy it. We hope you think that is us.

We hope that you have found this information useful. If you would like to have your system serviced or repaired, please visit the page titled "Lawn Sprinkler System Repair" and follow the directions to schedule a service call.

Also, check out our lawn sprinkler sytem repair page for additional services we provide.