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Lawn Sprinkler Systems Repair

Repair any make or model

Thank you for considering hiring us for your lawn sprinkler system repairs. We sincerely want to earn your business.

As a Certified Rainbird "Select" Contractor, (we are one of only a few such companies to have earned that designation in this part of the country) we will use new, genuine Rainbird parts, not used or re-conditioned parts; for all lawn sprinkler system repairs.

Rainbird parts are fully interchangeable with the majority of lawn sprinkler systems. If you prefer though the use of the same brand part as your system, (if it is still made), we will use that brand for your repair; but we only stock our repair van with Rainbird and Hunter parts. Thus, it might require a separate trip to the parts warehouse for a brand other than Rainbird or Hunter.

All repair parts carry the applicable manufacturer’s limited warranty which varies for the exact part but normally is one-year. Labor warranty for repairs is 30 days.

We will repair what you request and have authorized us to perform. You may also specify the service call as a ‘tune-up’ or ‘unknown problem’, which allows us to repair other problems that might be discovered in your system during our diagnosis.

A tune-up is the most comprehensive choice. It is also referred to as 'spring start up service', but whatever you call it, the method is the same. With this service we will turn on your system, check for line leaks, check for clogged nozzles, adjust all spray heads for proper spray pattern, verify correct program settings on timer, test valves, test solenoids, test master valve, and test the back-flow preventor. If anything is broken upon discovery, we will repair it.

Over the past 14 years, we have become very experienced at repairing any brand, make, or model of lawn sprinkler system. We have repaired so many 1,000's of systems in Tulsa that we stopped counting!

Concerning scheduling:

Occasionally the repair crew is unintentionally overbooked, or repairs from the previous day took longer than expected due to unforeseen problems. When that happens, there will be occurrences when the repair crew will not be able to show up, especially if the afternoon has become backlogged, and this will necessitate your repair being rescheduled to the next day. We will call you to explain when it happens.

Due to the sheer volume of lawn sprinkler system repairs that we perform, and with an inability to schedule an exact time other than 7a; most of our customers will leave a garage door opener somewhere on their back patio, or they will leave a side garage door unlocked for us. Some too will provide us the service code to their garage door opener; from which any of these options will allow us access to the timer in your garage.

You may inform us which your preference is, but if you are scheduled to be home during the day, that’s great too, as you will not have to make other arrangements for our access to your garage. Plus, very important, if you have a dog, the dog will need to be penned. Your dog might be friendly, but friendly dogs have bitten seven times. So now, there will be no entrance onto a property unless the dog is penned, even the friendly ones.

And, if you live in a gated community, you will need to provide us the service access code. We have a master list of about 40 gated community service access codes, but just in case we've not been in yours before, you will need to provide it for us. This is the code that UPS, mail, FedEx, trash, etc. use for immediate access through the gate. This is not the code that rings your home phone.


1) Our on-site repair labor rate is calculated at $110 per *hour for a 2-man crew, or $85 per hour for a 1-man crew (if your repair requires only the most minor of repair); both rates are billed with a one-hour minimum, and then billed in 1/4 hour increments after the first hour.

*If you are a past Sonrise customer, you will notice the rate increase for the 2-man crew rate. We have not had a rate increase in 5 years, but finally had to raise our rates at the start of 2013 to help cover the inflationary expenses that have continued to rise the previous 5 years.

2) Plus, a $35 flat-rate trip fee is added to each invoice if you live in Tulsa. However, for all cities outside of Tulsa, a $40 flat-rate trip fee is added to your invoice.

3) Plus, the cost of parts to repair is billed at the normal retail price, including sales tax. Our repair truck is fully stocked with sprinkler repair parts for all of the most common types of repairs. If we have to travel to the parts supplier for a special order part though, we do charge travel labor and fuel expense for this time.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide exact written *quotes in advance for repair service, as there is no way to know exactly how long a repair will take due of excavation, type of repair, method of original installation, and a dozen other reasons, plus the time for the diagnosis process of the actual repairs to find and repair all of the problems.

*We will provide diagnostic service only (no repair) for a flat rate of $150 as this is a frequent service requested by Realtors, Inspection companies, and new homeowners whom might have no idea what condition their system is in. This is a service where we will spend up to one-hour on your property reviewing 100% of your sprinkler system, and will then provide a detailed list of what works, what doesn't, and what it will cost to repair. If we are then hired for the repair, the $150 is not refunded, and not credited; it is considered as-earned service. The $150 must be paid in advance on PayPal.


PLEASE NOTE: Your non-traditional invoice will be sent via fax or e-mail within one week of your repair being completed. We never mail invoices or receipts unless there is no other way to contact you. Due to the sheer volume of repairs that we complete, it is usually always a one-week turnaround from date of repair to date of invoice.

Full payment is required on the same day that you receive your invoice and PayPal is the preferred method of payment.

PLEASE NOTE: When the Contact Us page opens, please be very specific with details of your repair, and garage access instructions. Also, please state your written authorization and the Price Option for repairs from the following:

Option 1) I authorize repairs from $120 (the minimum service call) to $350 (this is the most common range for repairs).

Option 2) I authorize repairs from $350 to $500.

Option 3) I authorize repairs from $500 to $750.

Option 4) I authorize repairs from $750 to $1,000.

For all repairs expected to exceed $1,000, we consult with you to discuss your options. We never request permission in advance to exceed $1,000.

If you are a past Sonrise customer, please let us know that too, as past Sonrise customers receive higher priority scheduling if a conflict of availability arises.

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