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Landscaping is not Hardscaping.

Landscaping is plants, trees, shrubs, flowers.

For landscaping, we have a $10,000 project minimum; and we will only plant with a professionally drawn plan or sketch.

For Hardscaping though; which is outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, flagstone patios, paver patios, rock beds, pergolas, pavilions, mortared stone, lighting, drainage systems, sprinkler systems, decorative fencing, stamped concrete, etc., there is no project minimum,or maximum.

For landscaping, we do not provide free quotes, sketches, drawings, or anything without the customer showing us what they want for type of plant, type of planting material, type of mulch, type of edging, size of plants, quantity of plants, flowers, annuals/perennials, evergreen or deciduous, sun or shade. And this is accomplished with a professional drawing.

We do not provide landscaping maintenance of any kind. If there is anything there now, our quote will include a machine to rip everything out in order to start your new landscaping project from scratch (this excludes trees ~ they can stay if you want).

We do landscaping right, and to do so, we must know exactly what the customer wants. This means that our customers spend the time consulting with a landscape designer or landscape architect, having a drawing completed, and then submit to us, which we will then quote the project for installation.

If you do not have a drawing, we recommend Derek McCall for your landscape drawing. His contact information is listed under the Landscape Design / Hardscape Design service tab, as well as samples of his work.

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