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Flagstone Patio

Your custom built flagstone patio begins with you selecting the type of Flagstone from Hardscape Materials that you want the patio constructed with. There are other flagstone suppliers in Tulsa, but Hardscape Materials has the greatest selection, the greatest service, and exceptional pricing.

Once the flagstone selection has been made, we will construct in the location of your choice. For longevity, we only build flagstone patios on top of concrete or mortar, and we only build them with mortar in the gaps. Sealing the flagstone and the mortar is an option to give it a ‘wet look’, but a word of caution: if you start sealing it, you will always have to reseal it, otherwise the sealer will yellow, or fade, or flake off, and it makes for an unsightly patio.

Sonrise Construction, Owner Mike Fournier, Tulsa 's Full Service General Contractor

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