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Design Services


Hardscaping is usually described as outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, drainage systems, flagstone patios, landscape lighting, retaining walls, pergola's, decks, pavilions, swimming pools, decorative concrete, fence, etc.

The majority of our customers do not need, nor desire, to have a formally drawn up design. Most of our customers simply point to one or more of our 700 + pictures from recent projects and say "I want that!, or I want this!", and we know then what to recommend and to provide a quote for.

But, if you are a person that feels more comfortable with having a hard copy printed plan in hand before we begin construction, (or a building permit is required), we provide a drawing and design service just for you, and are more than glad to work with you on your personal plans and ideas.


We will provide custom design or architectural drawing service (normal price range for this service is $500 to $4,000), depending on the size of the plan, the extensiveness of the plan, and whether it be for hardscaping, interior home remodeling, exterior home remodeling, renovations, or a complete Design/Build situation. This plan will be provided in blue print size from our qualified Architect, and takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete the design and subsequent drawings based on the time of year.

Special note about pricing. 3-4 times a year we hear from potential customers something like the following "But __________ from _________ told me that they don't charge for drawings or architectural plans." And my response is typically something like "Well, I can promise you that no one is going to provide a $3,000 plan for free. That cost is imbedded somewhere in your quote. We just separate it for you up front; that way nothing is hidden and you have complete control over all design aspects of your project."

  • Click here to download a sample #1 (this is a very minimal drawing, usually running about $500).
  • Click here to download a sample #2 (this too is a very minimal drawing, usually running about $500).

Please be advised that drawings are NOT required to hire us, though if a building permit is required, drawings are definitely required since the city requires plans to be submitted with permit applications. Neither of the above samples would be acceptable for the city, as they do not go into enough architectural detail.

Owner, Mike Fournier, serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

Here are a few links for even more great information about design plans: