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Concrete Work/Decorative Concrete

Stamped / Stained / Salted / Regular

1. Decorative concrete can be: Stamped concrete, Stained concrete, Stenciled concrete, Salted concrete, or Overlay concrete.

2. Our stained concrete is etched, acid-washed, and sealed. For new pours, we also provide integral color.

3. Stamped concrete comes in 100's of varieties of shapes, patterns, textures, styles, and colors. It is sealed when cured.

4. Stenciled concrete is a thin overlay, also with 100's of varieties of shapes, patterns, textures, styles, and colors. It is sealed when cured. Our materials suppliers are:

1. New concrete pours (not overlays) are routinely 4" thick, #4 re-bar tied on centers for tensile strength, with a 3,500 psi for long term integrity of the product. Concrete is saw cut for joints (to minimize cracks), though all concrete cracks, as it is impossible for it not to.

2. Decorative concrete is an ultra-high quality product, with installation costs for labor and materials that easily can be up to 2x the price of basic concrete. Once the investment is made though, you will never be sorry. It is not unusual to receive a wide range of price quotes for decorative concrete. We are not going to knock any of the competition, but if you look closely and compare the tech specs, the reason for the price difference is very easy to see.

We use 3,500 psi and 4,000 psi concrete, which is much stronger than 3,000 psi concrete used by most of our competitors. 3,500 psi concrete is much less likely to crack (though all concrete cracks), and it is also less likely to scale. Plus, it lasts longer.

We use color in our concrete, and most of our competitors use powder coat on top of their concrete. When the forms are removed, the color of ours is the same throughout; not so with our competitors. We use #4 rebar, coated in green color, like used for highway applications in order for it to last longer, and our competitors use a smaller #3 rebar, non-coated. The strength of the larger rebar is vital for the overall integrity of the poured concrete.

Owner, Mike Fournier , serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

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