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Garage Storage, by Mike Fournier, Tulsa


It's time to organize the  . . . garage!  Try to contain your enthusiasm.  All that you need is an effective garage storage system.  You know - - a place for everything and everything in its place.
Garage Storage System Basics.  What you will need consists of a combination of these three:  garage cabinets, garage shelving, and overhead garage storage bins.  This will help you get the most out of your garage storage.
Garage Cabinets. These are by far the most utilized form of garage storage.  And they are expensive.  So, you get storage space and the stuff is all hidden behind the cabinet doors.
Garage Shelving.  This option is the easiest on the budget and the easiest to install.  All you stuff is neatly arranged on the shelves, and it's quick to find whatever you are looking for.  
Overhead Garage Storage.  Usually overhead garage storage consists of a rack system where you can put things that you don't use regularly.  This takes them out of the line of sight, freeing up floor space.  For items you rarely use - -  it's great.  But for things that you use more often, a better solution would be cabinets or shelving.
Other Garage Storage Options.  Garage pulleys and hoists are easy and convenient for larger, bulky items.  Hooks are a solution for smaller items such as bikes and garden tools.  Another system is the slat wall system.  It offers a combination of shelving cabinetry, and wall hooks.
Consult a Pro.  Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping can advise you on the garage storage solution that will work best for you to maximize your space and storage needs.  Call Mike at 918-357-7777 to arrange a consultation.

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