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Each project of yours that you hire Sonrise for; there will be a Project Manager (PM) that oversees the project and at least one (1) Foreman assigned to be on-site as part of the daily crew. Usually, Mike Fournier is the PM, and the Foreman is dependent on which type of project(s) it will be.

The PM is the one responsible for all aspects of your project. For example; you hire Sonrise for a 6’ tall retaining wall. The PM will secure the Engineer’s Report, apply for Building Permits, and arrange for inspection. Plus, the PM will order all products, coordinate removal and disposal of old wall, coordinate off-loading of materials for the new wall, coordinate use of heavy equipment (if applicable), and will schedule the crew(s) responsible for the installation of the wall.

Plus, the PM will be on-site a minimum of once daily, usually twice daily to check on the progress of the installation, and to make certain it is being installed per approved construction techniques, and per the scope of work. When the PM is not on-site, the PM is available to his Foreman via cell phone or text.


Starting in 2013, (due to years of previous requests), Mike Fournier has decided to make his PM service available as a Project Manager for projects other than for those of Sonrise. This is mainly for the DiY (Do It Yourself) movement, as many-many weekend warriors realize that they have bitten off too big a mouthful and do not know how to finish the project, or have run into severe or critical problems and need an expert to help them out of the jam.
Mike will negotiate his fee with you for your DiY project based on the size, the scope, and the expectation of time requirements to assist you with completion. Mike will provide whatever guidance is needed, but will not perform any physical labor; and the DiY customer must sign a release of liability waiver to hold-harmless Mike for the satisfactory completion of your project.

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