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Outdoor LED LightingFixtures and transformers are of the highest quality and are UL approved. All fixtures are coated with heat sink, which makes them 20% cooler than other leading brands as well as resulting in longer lamp life. The sockets are connected with Teflon insulated wire, allowing greater protection to the wire and are more resistant to insect damage. The lens of the fixture is made of a polycarbonate material that will not yellow, and helps protect the lamps from moisture.

All lamps are halogen, which offer a much longer lamp life than incandescent lamps as well as producing more candlepower with comparatively less wattage. The halogen bulb offers a truer rendition of natural plant color.

The transformers come in 300, 600, 900, and 1200 watts. The wattage of the transformer depends on the number of fixtures being used and the size of each. All transformers have a stainless-steel clear power coat finish. Each transformer has a lockable hinge door with weatherproof stripping to help keep out water and moisture.

Lights operate on 12-volts AC, the same power as your car battery. We use a direct burial wire, which, if cut, will not be harmful to anyone that comes in contact with it. Using a 12-volt system allows homeowners to run their lights longer without using much electricity.

Outdoor lighting is not an inferior form of light even though it operates on 12-volts AC. The mirrors on the bulbs are so good that they put out as much light as a 110-volt light. Remember that your car headlights operate on 12-volts DC and that when on high-beam you can see an oncoming car up to 4 miles away.

Another great feature about outdoor lighting is that they come in a variety of colors and styles. With 12 different colors of fixtures, including brass and copper, it is easy to find the one that will look best for your home. All fixtures come with a polyester powder coated finish to help withstand the severe weather elements.

Up-lighting, down-lighting, and well fixtures can change the color of the light. We have seven different lens colors available that are inner changeable. For example, using a cool blue lens will produce more of a moonlight glow and using one of our flat spread lenses will help distribute the light more evenly.

Outdoor lighting systems offer many accessories. There are a variety of boxes, canopies, and extension mounting stems to get the desired system you want. We also use photocells, which will automatically turn on your system when the sun goes down or we can put your lights on a switch so that you are able to turn them on when you please.

There are many different installation arrangements for lighting systems. Some of the more popular are using up-lights to accent certain features on your home or down-lighting from a tree to accent a driveway or just letting the light shine through the trees, casting the shadows of leaves and branches in the yard. We also use well lights in ponds or swimming pools. Another popular form of lighting is path lighting. We use path lights to illuminate a walkways or paths.

Depending on which fixture you choose, the warranty period ranges from a 3-year warranty, to a 15 year warranty for LED fixtures. Transformers, time switches, and photocells are backed with a 2-year warranty. We are confident you are getting the best value of a quality lighting system.

We have found that Kichler, Hadco, and Vista lights are the best lights on the market, which is why we use them. Their lights produce the truest form of moonlight and are superior to any landscape light that you might purchase at a home improvement store.

We will custom design a lighting plan (based on your budget) for your trees, shrubs, flowers, pool, spa, sidewalks, and your home to be outlined, or spotlighted, or trimmed; all with the highest quality of outdoor lighting fixtures available.

We will meet with you personally at your home to discuss your lighting wants and needs. We will show you brochure pictures of types and styles of lights, colors, wattage's, wiring, and supply boxes.

Because of the superior quality of Kichler, Hadco, and Vista Outdoor Lighting products that we use, we have set a $1,000 project minimum for all our outdoor lighting designs.

For a detailed listing of technical information, as well as pictures of transformers, and numerous pictures of the various lights available, please visit: www.Kichler.com, or www.VistaPro.com, or www.Hadco.com.

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