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As a homeowner, you want a house that is designed the way you want it - not a house that resembles every other house in the neighborhood.  

What does a Draftsman do?  If you have an idea about how your new house is to look, a draftsman can listen to your ideas or look at the pictures you collected of your dream house, and he can put them on paper. 

For a set of plans that you already have, a draftsman can make changes according to your wishes and/or to meet building codes for your location.  A draftsman can consult structural engineers if some portion of the plans needs special attention.  For existing buildings, a draftsman can prepare drawings as may be needed for securing building permits related to modifications that are planned.
Today’s Draftsman.  With today’s technology, drafting is completed quickly and accurately.  Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) software produces 3D renderings and drafting that includes floor plans and elevations.  In addition, plumbing and electrical plans are included to meet the UBC, BNBC, BOCA and SBC building codes standards.

You, as a private homeowner of a single residence, may not need your plans to be drawn on a computer.  But for commercial and governmental projects, computer drawn drawings are frequently required.  Making changes to drawings that are created on computer can be changed easily and can be transmitted electronically.  Plans on paper are often converted to a CAD program.
Draftsman versus Architect.  A draftsman’s primary job is to sketch out designs. An architect functions to design and oversee.  A custom house from square one will most likely require the skills of an architect or a structural engineer or both.  Draftsmen are skilled at making alterations to existing plans and sketching ideas.

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