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Building a house is a gratifying undertaking, and for many of us, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Customizing your new home is exciting, costly, and comes with lots of decisions to be made.  Many decisions will have long-term effects, so having expert guidance from a professional - Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping, is important.
From the Ground Up.  After you decide on location, the floor plan is the main component to decide how the house can and will be built.  A home floor plan that is carefully considered and designed will help to eliminate the need for remodeling later on.  Some homeowners opt for an architect to create a house plan from the outset.

When you hire an architect, you have control over every facet of your future home.  That means you are starting from scratch, so if you havewhat some might consider eccentric requestsyour budget is the only limiting factor.  Architects are expensive, and custom blueprints take time to create.

Pre-Made House Floor Plans.  Blueprints in abundance are available for purchase, and this is a less costly option than using an architect to create a floor plan.  Pre-made house floor plans are designed so they can be customized.  

Going with a pre-made house floor plan is attractive because it’s been done before.  You can actually visit a house that has been made from these blueprints.  You will be able to see what you like and what you don’t like.  Plans can be changed with ease and less expense.  Another benefit is that any issues or kinks have been resolved.

Build for the Future.  Constructing a house is a huge investment.  For most of us, the home is the greatest expense that we have in our entire lifetime.  Mike Fournier with Sonrise is available to answer any question you may have.  Call him at 918-357-7777 to schedule a meeting.


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