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Kids and swimming pools just naturally go together - Â┬Łespecially when the weather is hot-hot-hot!  A backyard pool is a familiar site, and many homeowners view them as a worthwhile improvement to their property.  Sometimes a lack of space and the cost of installation are prohibiting factors.

If a full-sized pool is simply not an option for you, you can still provide a kid pool. 
Kid Pool Options.  Kid pools are inflatable, allowing them to be deflated and stored during the cold weather months.  And, a selling point - Â┬Łthey are inexpensive.
For sizes, you have a wide range of kid pools to select from tiny to huge.  The smallest are just right for infants.  The largest kid pools will accommodate the whole family plus some additional friends.

Let's talk styles.  Some are shallow and some are deep.  There are some that come with sprayers that squirt water up in the air.  And a few have small slides.
Kid Pool Prices.  Price is a selling point.  For under $10, you can get the smallest pool.  If the very large one is your selection, you can expect to pay in the low $100s.  Kid pools are quite inexpensive when compared to the least expensive backyard pool.
Kiddie Pool Precautions.  At best, you need to have a reliable, clean water source available.  As an alternative, if no outdoor spigot is available, you will need a hose that will connect to an indoor sink.
The water level should be kept very low since kid pools are designed for children.  But, NEVER leave a small child unattended even in the shallowest pool.
Kid pools do not have filtration systems.  So, the water will need to be replaced or cleaned if the pool is kept filled for moderate periods of time.  Chemicals are available that will kill bacteria and algae.  Also, since there is no pump, a pool that is unattended for too long is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

For any questions about kid pools, Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping has the answers.  Call him at 918-357-7777.


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