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Looking for something to replace the rough concrete surfaces that scratch your toes in your swimming pool?  Glazed porcelain or glass pool tiles are an option that you should consider.  They are distinctive, and they add to the functional pool design. 
Use Your Imagination.  Appearance is the greatest motivation for choosing swimming pool tiles.  Decorative patterns, glazing, colors, intricate murals and mosaic pool tiles - ┬Łall are design possibilities for your pool.  

 Don't Limit Yourself.  Ornate borders, edges, and surrounds are possibilities for your tile project.  And, tiled fountains, above-water mosaics and murals provide eye-catching additions as well.

More Than Just Looks.  Glazed porcelain and glass swimming pool tiles are waterproof and durable - - if installed correctly.  An added benefit - - ┬Łthey are frost-proof.  And, no more stubbed toes on a concrete surface!
Talk to a Professional.  Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping is a professional who can guide you through the entire swimming pool tiles project.  Under Mike's guidance, the project will be completed in a few weeks and on time.  As an experienced installer, Mike will ensure there will be no water damage issues after the install.  And, proper installation will assure the tiles do not start dropping off later on.
Installing new tile in your swimming pool area will renew an existing pool or enhance a new pool.  Call Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping at 918-357-7777 to schedule a meeting to discuss your swimming pool tile project.

Want to talk about it some more? Would you like a quote for any of these areas? If yes, send me an e-mail to: Sonrise.Construction2000@Gmail.com, and be sure to mention this blog. I will be back in touch with you shortly. Thanks.

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