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Swimming Pool Covers, by Mike Fournier, Tulsa, Sonrise Pools

 Your main outdoor investment is your swimming pool or spa.  You certainly would not leave your front door open and unlocked when you leave the house, so it just makes sense to cover your pool to keep your property secure while you are away.

Safety. Swimming pool covers protect from outside intruders, leaves, debris, dirt, nosey neighbors, and vandals.  And importantly, small children and pets will be prevented from falling in.
Swimming pool covers are money-savers too.  With less debris getting in the pool, you will not need to clean as often and will not need as many chemicals.  An added benefit, the filter will not have to work as often thus cutting down on maintenance.
You Have Choices.  Swimming pool covers come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.  They will not hinder other water features, e.g., waterfalls, fountains, or spas.  They are available in vinyl, plastic, or mesh—depending on how resilient you want the protection to be.  Styles can be transparent or opaque.  Covers can be manually removed or removed via a motorized waterproof unit that is mounted on the edge—a unit that will automatically pull it back to you.  Another option is a semi-automatic motor which you can help along—this is less expensive, plus it saves time and money.  The protective covers conceal themselves when they are rolled back.  
Several models are self-cleaning.  Additionally, they often come with pumps or draining systems to remove excess puddles.  They are effectively maintenance-free.  Some models have a lock-and-key system to ensure that edges are not tampered with.  During winter months, you will most likely want to buy a sturdier vinyl cover that will assure a stronger seal.

Energy Loss.  A solar pool cover allows you to save money through lower energy costs.  Exposure causes your pool to lose heat and energy when the pool is not in use.  The water loses heat quickly when the wind cools the pool, the sun evaporates the water, and night air causes a drop in its temperature.  All that will take more energy to warm it back up.  
Solar pool covers are precisely designed to seal in the warmth—not just trap in the heat.  They are frequently transparent and have a plastic "bubble” system underneath that collects the solar energy from the sun during daylight, not only maintaining the pool’s warmth but aiding to heat it up as well.  Solar pool covers are not known for they durability or security, due to their design.  They generally work better in warmer climate areas.  Some people opt to buy multiple covers for different situations such as types of weather, changing seasons, the time of day, and so forth.

Swimming pool covers can extend the swimming season to all year round.  You save on energy costs and protect your family and investment.  With the money you save on utility bills, you may want to take that cash and spend it on heating the water.  That will allow you to use the pool whenever you want—no matter the weather.

Want to talk about it some more? Would you like a quote for any of these areas? If yes, send me an e-mail to: Sonrise.Construction2000@Gmail.com, and be sure to mention this blog. I will be back in touch with you shortly. Thanks.

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