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Pool Automation, by Mike Fournier, Tulsa, Sonrise Pools


Daily maintenance is the most long-term and costly requirement of any pool or spa.  Daily maintenance calls for attention regarding sanitation, cleanliness, temperature control, and chemical balance—all year round if you expect to be able to use the pool immediately.

So, the pool was supposed to be fun and enjoyable—remember?  You really did not need something else to do.  Your answer may be found in the latest in pool automation technology.  Modernized pool automation devices run on a continuous program, are energy-efficient, and can amount to some considerable savings.  
Self-Maintenance.  The most demanding part about owning a pool is its continuous upkeep.  Sustaining a proper chemical balance—mainly chlorine—requires a lot of time.  Chlorine must be carefully measured and systematically added to the water.  While it is easy to forget to do it at all, it is also easy to add too much or not enough.

A salt chlorine generator is a tool that deserves your attention.  It helps to protect your huge investment.  It automatically adds chlorine to the water at the right times at the right levels.  And you do not have to think about it.  Of course, you still need to set up and operate the equipment, plus you need to remember to add chlorine to it occasionally.  Salt chlorine generators offer a quick fix that eliminates the chore of daily maintenance.

Total Self-Control.  Following are some ways to give the responsibility of daily operation of the pool to the pool itself.  Interested?
Self-Regulating.  A hardwired thermostat in the house makes it easy to maintain a constant water temperature without your effort.  A remote control or a wireless table-top thermostat will take even more of the work out of it.

Self-Cleaning.  An automatic cleaner consists of roving robots that randomly and systematically clean the bottom of the tank.  An in-floor cleaning system will get the job done even quicker.
Self-Cycling.  You can set timers to the heat pumps and filters so that the equipment works longer at times and less at other times.  Plus a solar-powered system will cut down on your own electricity for fueling these parts.

More Bells and Whistles.  Timers for lights, alarms to notify that something needs your attention, and controls for jets to turn on and off as desired—all are a few of the features for pool automation.  An automatic retractable pool cover helps to protect, clean, and save the heat in the water.  There are self-testing devices that monitor the equipment, provide diagnostics of problems it may be having, and troubleshoots with recommended solutions.

Pool Automation Professionals.  Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping is a pool automation professional.  He can advise you before you invest in any expensive devices.  Most of these time saving solutions are expensive—ranging into thousands of dollars depending of the model.  You have already spent thousands on the pool, so it just makes sense to make it easy and efficient to maintain.

Why not protect the greatest backyard investment by seeking professional advice and installment?  Mike Fournier can determine what you really need.  He can recommend the type and size of equipment that will work best for your pool.  Getting wrong advice can cost you, even can be dangerous and damaging.  And you get problems that could have been avoided.

Contact Mike at 918-357-7777 to schedule a meeting.


Want to talk about it some more? Would you like a quote for any of these areas? If yes, send me an e-mail to: Sonrise.Construction2000@Gmail.com, and be sure to mention this blog. I will be back in touch with you shortly. Thanks.

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