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Swimming Pool Tips, by Mike Fournier, Tulsa

So, you have decided you want a pool.  Above-ground or in-ground?  Next comes the cost factor.  An in-ground pool is significantly higher.  The construction material determines the cost.  A vinyl-lined in-ground pool will cost twice as much.  A fiberlglass pool, four times more.  And finally, a concrete pool is about six times as much as the normal above-ground pool installation.  Another consideration, a basic above-ground pool will never increase the value of your property in the same way a high-quality, in-ground pool will.  
For the safety of children or pets in your neighborhood, you need to consider a fence around the pool area.  Some localities have laws that require a fence.  Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping is well versed on the laws for our city and can give you proper guidance.  Another wise option is a hard pool cover - - to keep out debris, leaves, etc.  Lighting, such as motion-sensor lighting, provides both safety and home security.  Occasionally, uninvited guests may stumble into the pool if it is unfenced, uncovered and/or without adequate lighting.  
More Pool Tips
Planning for Future Costs.  Owning a backyard pool involves some long-term costs and you need to be aware of them at the start:
Opening and closing the pool for the season.
Maintaining pumps, lining, and equipment.
Utility bills and operating costs.
Buying chemicals, such as chlorine, shock, and pH balancer.

Trends for Backyard Swimming Pools.  If you are looking for a pleasant, peaceful area right in your own backyard, you may consider some of these fresh ideas.

 - Pool Design:  The shape of your pool is only limited by your imagination.  
 - Backyard Pool Decks:  Pool Decks are gathering places for family, friends, and neighbors.  Decks add to the overall design of your home.
 - Pool-Spa Combo:  Why not combine a heated spa with a larger swimming pool.  Perfect after a busy day.
 - Fountains and Waterfalls:  Water features add to the peace and attractiveness of your home.  Great ideas for your pool too.
 - Pool Sheds and Cabanas:  These features provide convenience and luxury in your pool area.  A benefit is swimmers don't track water into the house when they use the restroom.

One last word.  Think about how you and your family will use the pool - ¬Ěthat is your guide when it comes to selecting the best options for your pool.

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