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When having a full garage is not an option, carports offer benefits that you need to consider.  Carports help to protect your car from the weather, i.e., summer rays, winter snow, sleet, ice, rain, and hail.   While having a garage is the best idea, you can still protect your vehicle with a metal carport.
Steel Carports.  Steel carports are quite common and generally considered to be the most sensible choice.  While carports are also constructed of vinyl, wood, and aluminum, steel is the least expensive and offers durability.  Termites and other pests are not attracted to steel, plus steel carports are fire resistant and have little need of maintenance.

A wood carport is attractive to many homeowners because it is more likely to match the home's appearance.  If you are considering a wood carport, also consider an entire garage addition.  
Metal Carport Installation.  Metal carports are cheaper to install than a garage, and frequently they are considered an outbuilding which does not require a building permit.  Of course your professional contractor will know the building permit requirements for your locality.  The building permit regulations for your locality may be different for a free-standing carport or one that is attached to your home. Your local wind conditions and yearly snow loads will determine the appropriate building support that is needed.  Adequate care must be taken so as not to cut into utility lines when digging the foundation posts.  
Alternative Uses.  Metal carports are also used to accommodate boats and recreational vehicles.    Some homeowners use their carports as covered recreational areas - where they visit with friends.  Carports also serve as food and beverage stations when you are having a large outdoor gathering.

Carport Plan and Design.   If you just want a roof to shelter your car from the weather, a less expensive, versatile portable carport may be your best choice.  If your budget is not ready for an entire garage, a fixed carport can be a first step toward a future garage installation.  Once you have a solid, fixed carport, you will only need end walls to convert it into a full garage.

Mike Fournier with Sonrise Hardscaping will be happy to advise you regarding your carport plans.  Call him at 918-357-7777 to schedule an appointment.


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