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As soon as you think there might be a foundation problem, it is important to deal with it immediately.  A failing foundation should be addressed in order to avoid more damage.  Settling, shifting, or failing foundations can bring about major structural damage to your home.  If you let it go, the damage will only get worse.
Signs That You Have a Problem.  Foundation problems generally do not reveal themselves suddenly, but  moderately.  Here are some indicators to watch for.

 - Misaligned exterior doors, windows and garage doors.
 - Cracks in brick, stonework or the foundation itself.
 - Interior doors stick or don't fit their jambs any longer.
 - Cracks in interior sheet rock.
 - Cracks in floors
 - Bulging floors

Call an Engineer.  A structural engineer can appraise the situation and develop a plan to correct the problem.  After that, you can call for the services of a foundation repair company to complete any necessary fixes.

Slabjacking and Piering.  Two of the most established forms of foundation repair are slabjacking and piering.  For slabjacking, your foundation repair contractor will pump  cement grout underneath the failing concrete slab or foundation with the goal to raise it up to its original level, thus providing a better sub-surface to set on.  Piering may be required if the foundation problems are more severe.  Piering consists of using hydraulic jacks, or piers, being drilled into the ground below the foundation until more stable soil is reached, and then the jacks  - the piers - are set and raised to provide the home with the support that is needed.

All in the Comfort of Your Own Home.  With today's advanced technology, for any foundation repair that is needed you will likely be able to stay in the home for the length of the project.  Years ago, structures had to be vacated in order to fix foundation problems.  Of course, you will have heavy machinery in your yard and a work crew to deal with -  but that is so much better than going to a hotel for the duration of the project.

Preventative Measures.   Your structural engineer or foundation repairman can tell you what caused the foundation problems.  Usually, the problem originated with uneven distribution of moisture in the subsoil.  This results is a settling and shifting.  Poor lot drainage and insufficient or poorly installed gutters can be the cause of the problem.  And you need to address those issues so that the foundation problems do not reappear.  It is best to deal with the foundation repair needs  -  the sooner the better for both you and your pocket book.


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