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Bathroom and kitchen remodels are great, but they can also be incredibly expensive. There's a ton of ways to improve your home. One way to do this that doesn't require a second mortgage on your home is a fireplace remodel. The fireplace is one of the coziest, visible, and practical areas of your home. A fireplace remodel is great to vamp up your old fireplace that may be serving you well functionally, but good do so much more with a manageable investment of time and money. There's also more than one way to remodel a fireplace, and by considering the current condition of your fireplace and its use, you'll be able to determine what your fireplace really needs.

Transforming Your Fireplace You may have loved your wood-burning fireplace. You may still love it, but you may also realize that it's no longer worth the trouble. Despite being a renewable resource, fireplace quality wood is still getting more and more expensive. Gas isn't cheap, either, but it may be a better alternative than pricey wood at your local grocery store. Of course, you can find wood for a lot cheaper than it's being sold at the store down the street, but this requires buying in bulk, hauling the wood to your home, and finding a place to store it.

In addition, gas-burning fireplaces burn a lot cleaner and a lot safer. In some areas where air pollution is an issue, you may be limited to when you can burn your wood. Plus, burning wood in your fireplace can lead to crackling that throws sparks into the surrounding area. This may lead to a fire hazard and, at the very least, requires constant attention and maintenance.

Remodeling Your Fireplace Surrounds A fireplace remodel can mean many things. Even replacing or upgrading your fireplace surrounds can take on many levels. A new and/or improved fireplace mantel can greatly enhance the look of your fireplace. Hiring a customized wood working contractor can do amazing things for your fireplace surrounds for a fraction of the cost of a typical home remodel. Replacing your brick fireplace with marble is a more costly proposition but will also create an unmatched quality fireplace installation. Even more peripheral fireplace surrounds can be a great source of fireplace remodeling ideas. Simply by adding wall sconces on either side for your fireplace, you can create a truly relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your living room, family room, or den.

Finding a Contractor for Your Fireplace Remodel Depending on what's best for your fireplace, you may need to hire different kinds of contractors. Wall sconces mean an electrical contractor. Marble is a masonry contractor. Mantels can be any number of contractors, depending on the material you want. If you're attacking your fireplace remodel from multiple angles, we may be able to find a fireplace remodeling contractor who can "do-it-all," or we can set you up with multiple contractors, each of whom can tackle one small aspect of your fireplace remodel. Whatever your fireplace remodeling needs are, there's a good chance the contractor you need is out there. By discussing your ideas with a contractor, you can get a firmer handle on exactly what this remodeling project can do for your home and the best way to go about it. As with any home remodeling project, make sure you get a clear and detailed written quote before the work begins. This will help you and your contractor stay on the same page and make your home improvement project go off without a hitch.
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