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p>The easy part about swimming pool maintenance is the common knowledge that it needs to be done. Roof inspections, steam cleaning carpets, landscaping maintenance, evaluating air conditioners in the spring and furnaces in the fall...well, let's face it, too many of us neglect important components of home maintenance. But swimming pool owners know they have to maintain their pools or face the consequences in short order.


These consequences are much greater than murky water or stinging eyes. You may end up wasting several days to empty and refill your pool, or you may end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on replacing pool equipment and filter assemblies. Swimming pool maintenance requires much more than checking on chlorine and pH levels: The walls and floor of your pool must be kept clean to prevent algae and other organic infestations. Pumps and filters must be monitored for signs of distress. Keep your pool clean and enjoy the rewards of diving into the cool water this summer by following this pool maintenance checklist.

Daily Swimming Pool Maintenance

Check filter pressure.

Clean filter if the water is not clear.

Remove debris from strainer basket.

Test the water, and add recommended chemicals.

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Use a nylon brush to clean tile and walls of pool. A stainless steel brush should be used to loosen algae on concrete walls. Check walls or vinyl liner for cracks or tears, and repair with an appropriate kit for your pool. Hose off the deck but aim water away from the pool. Consider hiring a professional since pool maintenance can take anywhere between four and eight hours a week. Invest in a pool cover that will reduce evaporation, keep debris out of water and trap the heat.


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