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Everyone loves to work up a good sweat. Whether in the gym, in a bath, or in a spa, steady warmth is good for you because you get to sweat out all the toxins in your body. Sweating is very healthy. One of the best ways to generate a relaxing sweat is in a sauna, except you usually have to leave the home to be in one unless you install a unit in your house. But who can afford the price tag of such a large renovation? Now there is an alternative to conventional saunas which makes them cheaper, more convenient, and easier to maintain. Portable saunas offer all the same health benefits of traditional products, but instead of paying thousands for the initial cost, installation, and maintenance, you're only paying a few hundred dollars for a lifetime of enjoyment.

They're Good for You Beyond relaxation and recreation, there are many health benefits to any kind of sauna. Here a just a few:

Refreshes skin: By sweating out all the dirt and grease from your pores, your skin becomes shinier and softer.

Relief: Whether you're injured, cramped, or simply sore with stiffness, prolonged heat exposure can help reduce the pain and swelling of muscle ache.

Burns fat: Fat and other toxins are brought to surface and sweated away, making for better overall health, figure shaping, and increased energy.

Cures illness: Though these units aren't a cure-all for sickness, by increasing your blood circulation, your immune systems gets an additional boost.

Relaxation: Yes, relaxation can aid your health by reducing stress and making you sleep more soundly.

More Convenient Unlike the traditional form, portable saunas can be packed and taken anywhere. They are lightweight and require no plumbing, wiring, construction, installation, or maintenance. Most look like little tents that you can simply set up within a few minutes in any room in the home since these products take up very little additional space. You don't even need any tools, just an electrical outlet. Then, once you zip yourself up in the unit, you simply stay still and let the heat do the work for you. Since they simply require an electrical outlet, they often take up very little in energy costs, and you no longer have to share your space with strangers in public. Instead, you have a space built for one.

Different Types There are two standard kinds of portable sauna: infrared and the portable steam sauna. Infrared systems do not require any water or condensation. Instead, infrared heating systems actually penetrate under the skin, still generating heat and sweat but in a much quicker timeframe. These are the same invisible rays created by the sun, but they are not harmful like UV rays and produce a more efficient way to soak up the warmth.

However, if you're a traditionalist and like your water vapor, then a portable steam sauna may be the way to go. These units still do not require plumbing; you simply pour a few quarts of water into a reservoir under the seat and plug it in. Soon the water will heat within the enclosed space and make a nice steam. There are always temperature settings and automatic shut-offs on portable steam saunas just in case you lose track of the time as you unwind and let go of the day.

Accessories All portable saunas come with many different features to recreate the comfort of traditional units. They all come with pre-set timers and temperature settings so you never soak too long and never get too hot. Some of these portable saunas allow you to sit in a chair within the chamber; some even come with slits in the fabric, allowing you the use of your hands outside the unit in order to avoid pruning and giving you the chance to read as you relax. Some are like tubs you can lounge in, some you can lay down flat and snooze away during the "soak." And just like traditional steams, you can still use aromatherapy in order to enhance the experience for all your senses.


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