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Wash Away the Elements

Whether it be by rain or hail, weeds, leaves, or out of control landscaping, your backyard has taken a beating the past few months. Any surface that has been left exposed to the elements is most likely going to need a good scrub down, but that could take days. This is where a power washer comes in handy. Depending on the size and model, an entire backyard patio or deck can be sprayed down by the high power hose in a few hours. By mixing in a bit of soap to the water, a power washer can have your area looking good in no time.

Get Comfy


The stackable plastic chairs that are sitting in the corner may have served their purpose last year, but would your guests really enjoy sitting in them? Many homeowners don’t consider furniture for their backyard until right before they are having company, then look to the quick fix of plastic tables and chairs. This fall, why not shop around for a more durable, and more comfortable outdoor furniture set? New sets like this often have tile tabletops, steel components, and mesh seating, all of which are made to withstand the elements. Your guests will love being able to sit outside around a nice table for hours on end as you all enjoy the fall weather.

Party All Night

Don’t let the sun dictate when your backyard party is over! There are plenty of options for lighting to be used all over the yard. The classic tiki torch adds a nice island touch to any space, and the citronella fuel is great to keep away bugs. Experts recommend to place these around the perimeter of the backyard, to keep bugs at bay before they reach you and your guests. Sticking with the fire theme, a fire pit is an affordable feature to add to your backyard that is certain to be a hit with guests; and who wouldn't love sitting around an outdoor fireplace!?

Bring the Inside Out

An mp3 player and some speakers is great for one or two people, but imagine a yard filled with sound! Installing an outdoor speaker system is not as difficult as it sounds, as most manufacturers sell wireless speakers with waterproof casings, shaped like a vase, or even shaped like rocks. By syncing these wireless speakers to a computer or tablet, you’re the DJ from any part of the house. A television mounted in a dry space of the backyard could be great if there are lots of sports fans in the household. There is nothing like watching a football game in your outdoor living space while grilling up some delicious food.

While these suggestions are only a few of many possibilities, your backyard would be happy to see any of these improvements. Fall is a time for friends and family to gather and enjoy time together, so make sure your backyard is set up to make lots of memories!


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