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About Us

From Mike Fournier, owner of Sonrise Hardscape and Landscape, covering Tulsa and surrounding areas: Due to a market need in the Tulsa area for a company that could offer great customer service, fair prices, and high quality standards, we decided to start Sonrise. We have seen tremendous growth over the years, and have steadily grown to serving well over 11,000 customers.

Now in our 16th year as a company, we have seen dozens of companies come and go from the Tulsa area, but we have remained strong, and continue to grow larger every year to better serve the needs of our customers.

We know from market research that we are not the least expensive company, but neither are we the most expensive; we are 'just right'. What you will receive from us is a very fair value, a professional installation, and impeccable customer service. Once you see our service in action, you too might be one of the ones voting for one of our next awards.

If you are looking for cheap, you will not find it here. You will find quality, you will find excellence. Those words do not match up with the word 'cheap'. Cheap companies are found everywhere today, but no where next year, as they are no longer in business; replaced by another cheap company.

Sonrise Hardscaping and Landscaping believes in fair market driven profit. If you think profit is a dirty word, then our philosophies will not match, and we would respectfully request that you look elsewhere. Profit will keep us in business into our 17th year and beyond.


Free quotes in the Tulsa metro area. We put the quotes in the form of an Agreement for both parties to sign and together with a retainer we will guarantee your project a place on our work schedule. *There are exceptions to this. For more detailed information about Free quotes, please click on the Services tab, then click on Free quotes.


Sonrise has multiple pages of customer testimonials, well into the 1,000′s. Most of these have pictures in our Gallery sections too on our 3 websites, which is chock full of almost 1,000 pictures of completed projects.


Sonrise's mission statement is simple, "Satisfy the customer, 100% of the time." We strive every day to achieve that goal. We promptly return phone calls. We show up for appointments. Weather permitting, we start projects on time. Weather permitting, we finish projects on time. (This is the norm for us, not the exception.)

We hope you choose to hire us, as we sincerely want to earn your business!

Sonrise Construction, Owner Mike Fournier, Tulsa 's Full Service General Contractor

Also owned by Mike Fournier, Tulsa:

Sonrise Gunite Pools, Owner, Mike Fournier, serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

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Mike Fournier - Sonrise Construction

Sonrise was founded on Christian principles and philosophies. We make no attempt to hide the fact that we are Christians and attempt daily to be a good witness for His name.

Many of our customers are repeats or referrals. A substantial amount of our customers come to us through this Website, or from one of the trade shows that we participate in every year.

Sonrise is Certified / Licensed / Insured / Bonded.